Paint or not to paint - that is always the question.....

Over the years of painting customers properties, most of the time I am finding a common theme...... "We tried to decorate our home ourselves, but found that the job was just too big" or " my husbands cutting in is terrible...".

This common occurrence is all too true when you visit the home and actually see that they have colours splashed on the ceilings and speckles of paint on door handles (yes, I am one for noticing these things!). So the plea for help comes ringing loud.

What I must say firstly, is that we were not the first company on the list of decorating companies our clients contacted. In fact, if memory serves me well, we tend to be number 5 or 6 on their list if they are not satisfied.

I turn up to the, oh another decorator is here mum, from their teenage son who answers the door and grunts his welcome with a "mum is in the kitchen" groaning tone pointing his finger to a door down the hallway...

Entering the kitchen, I am welcomed by what appears to be a desperate lady looking for a company to literally take the weight off her shoulders as she is in despair with the attitude and unreliable nature of some decorating companies who promise to turn up but actually don't.... unbelievable...

Presenting my company to them and providing ideas, solutions to their problems and most of all an ear to listen to what they need helps calm this lady where she can download all her ideas and colour themes...

Poised with my notepad and pen I am frantically jotting down her ideas and then visualising them through my experiences and expressing them with drawings and previous works we have done for other clients that open her eyes to the quality of finish we can provide.

MAHL Interiors is not just a decorating company, we offer a suite of services. One of the services is Interior Design. We use state of the art computer software to design the living space to be converted and then start to play with colours and fixtures until the client sees exactly what they have visualised in their minds. Very impressive. We send the images to them via email allowing them to print the images off and compare them to the finished article!

Back to the story.....

We were successfully hired to complete the job for this particular lady and was extremely impressed with the service we offered. We class ourselves as one of the "GOOD" companies ensuring we clean and tidy up after each day of work. When the job finally finished we hoovered, mopped, polished and removed all of our tools and empty paint pots leaving the home in a show-home finish. I just love the reaction our clients give when the finish article is in front of them and they can literally sit down and admire their new surroundings... Priceless...

So when looking for a decorating company ensure that firstly the work they advertise on their websites are real.. you will be surprised how many images are taken from google, copied and pasted into their websites. Go with your gut feel.

Reviews are always a good place to start but be warned unless they are policed through companies like Checkatrade, MyBuilder and Bark then testimonies on decorators websites are and generally not real so be weary.

Word of mouth is a great way to ensure you get a quality decorator and around 80% of our business is through recommendations.

Good luck with your decoration & renovation projects and if you are looking for a quality company who can support your requirements like decorating, refurbishments, renovations, flooring, tiling and pressure washing then please contact us for a FREE no obligation quotation.

All the best

Chris @ MAHL Interiors.

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