Do I need planning permission to build a deck?

As more and more people opt for additional outdoor living space, decking seems to be the preferred option. Whether its timber or the more expensive yet almost bullet proof design of composite what catches a lot of our customers out are the planning permission gotcha's.

The rule is simply this:-

If your deck sits from ground level to no higher than 30cm and doesn't take up more than 50% of the land in your garden, then no permission is necessary.

The challenge comes when dealing with the planning department in your local council where your deck sits over the 30cm threshold.

We have worked on many decking projects from ground platform styles to elevated decking systems on sloping grounds. The main point to note is that you as the customer, needs to ensure you have applied for the necessary permission before any work is started where necessary.

We can support you in your application with scaled drawings should the planning office require this and most of all it is very important to keep the permission in a file as when you come to sell your home in the future, the conveyancing solicitors will want to know permission was granted prior to works starting otherwise this could hamper the sale of your home....

If you are considering a decking project and would like some advice and support please don't hesitate to contact MAHL Interiors at

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